Pearls of Wisdom

Connecting with Our True Self
Links Us with Our Inside
Creative Power

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Videoconference: Premier of English Edition of “Celestial Art”
Los Angeles, California, USA - December 12, 2008
(Originally in English)

When we are more connected with our True Self, then more beauty and virtues will reveal themselves, because we are that. We are beauty and virtue and Truth. And they will reveal themselves to us because they came from within ourselves, and we will live in them or express them through art or noble actions. Our true nature is beauty and virtue. So, it’s easier to materialize these qualities if we are on spiritual course, which is the connected journey of rediscovery of our origin. That’s why people who practice spiritual way of life, they are more connected with their great Self inside, their creative power inside. That’s why it’s more effortless for them. It’s natural and logic.