Master Tells Jokes


The Party

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai,
International Gathering in Europe
April 3, Golden Year 9 (2012)
(Originally in English)
DVD # 1005

There were three friends who lived near each other. One was a waterian, one was a raw foodist, and one was a breatharian. The raw foodist just ate raw. The waterian just drank water, and the breatharian just ate the breath. Not the “bread,” the “breath.” One day they decided to have a birthday party. So they had to also decide who would host the party. The raw foodist said, “I’ll do it; my house is bigger. I’ll cook, also.” And the waterian said, “No, that’s nonsense. I’ll cook.” But the breatharian said, “Since it’s my birthday, I’ll cook!”

So, if you see the three of them getting together to make a party and if you still like Chinese food, stay away, because you’ll have nothing to eat there!

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