Video conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai


Los Angeles, California, USA
   December 22, 2012

“Live Up to Humans’
Real Standard”

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
Celebrating the Holidays in God’s Love

By Supreme Master Television
(Originally in English)

In the midst of the world’s preparations for Christmas and the New Year, on December 22, Golden Year 9 (2012), Supreme Master Television staff had the greatest honor and joy to be graced with a videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai. Setting aside precious time from her deep meditation, beloved Master filled our hearts with gratitude and bliss through this most treasured time with her. She looked beautifully radiant and was dressed in red, the color of holiday cheer. For almost three hours, it was truly Heaven while Master magnanimously answered our spiritual questions, spoke about doing good for the world, and revealed more secrets of the universe for the benefit of humanity.

Renewing hope in our hearts, Master spoke of the limitless positive miracles that could happen, such as an all-vegan universe. She explained, “Yes, why not? Everything is possible. It takes some time. It’s a chain effect, you see? When our world is good, many other worlds are good. So first we take care of ourselves, then the world will become good, and the universe will become better.”

Master set aside precious time from her intensive meditation to share her boundless blessings with humanity.

We asked Master what she had been doing during her days before the conference and she graciously shared, “I've been checking the universe. I'm checking what's going on in the world and what we can minimize, what we can improve, and of course, always in intensive meditation mood, whether I sit down or I lay down or I am taking some time to walk around or playing with the dogs, always focused on meditation, intensive meditational mood. And sometimes I send assistants out to help the needy people and to give the homeless some financial support, buy food for the food bank where I live, also send Christmas presents to some people. I had to buy many new houses for the dog pounds near where I live, and food and blankets, toys, mattresses and whatever they required from that dog pound center. I did that many years, over the years, not just this year, but mostly anonymously, so they don’t even know me, they don’t even see me. And the children, the orphans, I send them presents and money to buy them new clothes and whatever they need. I also ordered those disaster relief funds and activities and also a special fund of US$400,000 for the homeless monks and homeless people around the world. And I also do some important correspondence. … You are doing these things, every one of our Association members is doing this, and I’m also doing this. We walk the talk. It’s normal by us. … I just feel their needs, so I do it because of their needs. Just natural things to do. Just like it’s a natural thing for you to like to stay there and continue to do whatever you can, spreading the teaching or do whatever video stuff that you’re doing for other people. It just feels natural to you, and you’re happy doing that. Same, it feels natural to me to help people, and I’m happy doing that, too.”


Master also shared some wonderful news during the conference. She said, “My spiritual merit points multiply zillions of times because of some special events and some special things that I cannot share with you.” As of December 18, 2012, Master’s level above the Fifth Level was at the 8,131,134,133,233rd Level. Another amazing news was that the Earth would continue on for 8,331,171 years. She explained that this was because the Master Power is so strong now and also said, “Thanks Heaven and thanks God for all this merciful decree. Even though I put in effort, but the people have been praying, as well. Other beings on this planet, not just humans, have been praying and putting in efforts, small or big. And Heaven has been merciful, as well.”
Master comforting an orphan Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
(Aug 1995)

However, she reminded that the planet’s life is extended but “the screening process will always continue, until at least humankind has changed to a better standard, to the real human standard, with love, compassion, and peacefulness coexisting together.” She said humans must live according to the basic tenets found in all religions, which include no killing of other beings. Master added, “The truth is, we have to make effort to earn happiness on Earth as in Heaven.” When asked why some people commit bad deeds yet still nothing happens to them, Master said that although nothing maybe has happened yet due to leftover good merits in store from previous lives, they will eventually have to pay through bad health, accidents, etc. according to the law of karmic retribution.

“I’m glad that you honor me by your actions, by your love, by your true, genuine, caring spirit. That’s what the practitioner is all about. It’s not just about ourselves, that we should go to Heaven, but we bring Heaven to wherever we live, or wherever we go. That’s the best thing to do.”

~ Supreme Master Ching Hai, December 22, 2012


In her deep meditation, Master recently has been checking out the levels of spiritual consciousness of people on the planet, and the levels of spiritual practitioners in our meditation group. It was exciting news as Master shared that the levels of people on the planet have been improving, and will continue to improve as Master keeps donating her spiritual merits. For example, as of December 8, 2012, 47% of the planet’s people were at or above the Third Level. Fellow initiates’ spiritual levels have also improved; for example, an astonishing 53% of fellow initiates were at the Fifth Level as of December 8, 2012.


Master explained one of the wondrous ways that she was able to have enough power to negotiate with heavens or with the karmic law for the planet. She generously disclosed a universal secret, which is the existence of Divine Connection Lines. She said, “There is a thing called ‘Divine Connection Line.’ That is thousand, million, billion, trillion, zillions times more powerful than Heaven Gates, Heaven Ways, and Spiritual Blessing Lines and Spiritual Blessing Portals. All in the universe are connected by these Divine Connection Lines, from the low earthly realm to the highest heavens. It’s a wonder network. It’s an incredible, intricate pattern of network. It is so wonderful to know about it. I’m very happy.”

An engaging question-and-answer session

With the Loving the Silent Tears musical premiere still fresh in everyone’s mind, and with all the feedback from the cast, creative team, composers, and the audience about Master’s profound verses, we were moved to ask Master what her inspiration was for writing her poetry collection, Silent Tears. Her answer was, “It must have been, like, 30 years since, something like that… in the 80s. At that time, I was just beginning my little mission, just beginning a little bit in Formosa. So, I was just having a little more leisure time, so I tuned in with all the humans, and then that’s how the poetry came into manifestation, into the book. I never thought that there would be a day when some of the greatest composers and some of the greatest artists would make them into a big world stage like America, suchlike Shrine Auditorium. It’s not in a million years I would dream about it. Otherwise, maybe I would have polished it more, made it more beautiful somehow, more elegant or something. I just wrote it the way I felt. It just came out quick and that’s how it is.”
Master shared fascinating insights about Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical, its poetry, songs, and artists.

When inquired about the musical’s influence, Master replied that it “will go beyond and continue when we spread it more out. And even before that, the vibration, the frequencies of these verses and music will carry through the whole world, like radio wavelengths. People’s souls will understand it. Even if their mind does not grasp it, people’s souls will understand and be uplifted all the same. And this will continue to the next generations.”

We had the opportunity to share with Master some of media reviews, audience feedback, and stories relating to the musical. Master also revealed about how she came to write her song “Talking to a Stone Buddha” which was sung by Chinese platinum pop star and vegetarian Kay Tse in the musical. Master said, “…It’s just at that time, it was very difficult. I was thinking only a stone Buddha can be able to bear all this and still love the world. So it came from the heart. I wrote it with tears – the tears of a stone Buddha. The tears just came out, feeling sorry, sorrow for the whole world. … That’s how the song came out. Maybe that’s why people shed tears, because it’s a real emotion, real experience, yes, real feeling.”

We shared with Master that after almost two months, we were still receiving phone calls from people about the event. One such call was from a teacher of Judaism in New York who watched the musical live online and had also ordered the Loving the Silent Tears CD. She said she cried several times throughout the show, adding that “it was meant to be” that she found out about Master. After downloading some of Master’s lectures, she said: “This woman is incredible, incredible. She’s got the right message, to bring the world peace and harmony. And she knows how to convey it. Not many people can do that. It takes me a lot to believe in something. And yes, I believe she is God’s direct contact. She’s going to do something for this world, trust me. I will definitely promote her message in the world.”


In response to a question about prana, Master had replied, “You see, humans, we normally have high prana. But we reduce it, the blessing, and reduce the prana by our less holy, less loving lifestyle, like eating animals, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, cigarettes, etc., and then the DNA keeps transferring from one generation to the next. So, the next generation will also have less and less and less prana. That's why we have to eat a lot.” Master proceeded to share some of the amazing prana percentages, of herself, pranarian individuals of the past, and many animal species.

“I have given up zillions of zillions of zillions of zillions of spiritual merit points for the world to become better, and the people to change from inside and for World Vegan, World Peace. Still more I need to offer for this vision to come true. But it will, it might come true. I have been intensifying my meditation effort.”

~ Supreme Master Ching Hai, December 22, 2012


To conclude the conference, Master delivered a beautiful message for the world: 

“Now that we have saved the planet, or the planet is saved for a long, long, long, long time, we all should try to go more inward; focus more on spiritual connection with the Divine within; ask for forgiveness from Heaven; be more compassionate, more humble, more grateful to the mercy of Heaven; and do more good for the world. The more good you do for the world, the more good you will get. The more happiness you bestow on other people, the more happiness you will gain. It’s not like you do good to others, then it’s just work for yourself, it’s not like that. Little work, little effort that you put out for others will gain you many, many thousands-fold in return of good merit for you. Now that we have time, the planet is still there, we have time, we should think more about spiritual side of our nature and get contact with it, and not to be too indulgent in material comfort and greed and other things that are transient. We should look more for the long, everlasting happiness and true bliss within ourselves. Heaven is always here, within us, if we go inward and connect with it.”

We are so grateful to Master for her guidance and boundless compassion for humanity. We treasure this conference and the blessings Master has imbued within it as the best Christmas present ever for all in the world. 
This rare videoconference with Master was truly an elevating gift for the whole world.

In all that she does, whether in intensive meditation, providing physical comforts and gifts for the less fortunate, offering spiritual merit points for the world’s betterment, or imparting her limitless wisdom through her gentle words, Master exemplifies the holiday season’s true meaning of love, of sacrifice, and of giving. As we pray for her continued best of health, may all of Master’s steadfast efforts and vision for a vegan and elevated world soon become a reality.

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