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Art and Culture Series

DVD-928 (Spoken in English with 22 choices of subtitles)
A Gift of Love: Simple and Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai - Special Sweet and Romantic Vegan Meal for Valentine's Day
Europe, February 17, May 13, 2008; February 4, February 24, March 4, 2009


Group Meditation and Retreat Series

DVD-966 (Spoken in English with Korean translation and 26 choices of subtitles)
Reaching a Critical Mass to Save the Planet
Europe, August 31, 2008



DVD-1001 (Spoken in English, Chinese and Aulacese with 23 choices of subtitles)
Saving the World Together - Success Stories of Love
Europe, March 29, 2012



DVD-1002 (Spoken in English with 23 choices of subtitles)
Meditate More To Realize Our Planet-Saving Power
Europe, March 30, 2012



DVD-1004 (Spoken in English with 23 choices of subtitles)
Use Less Resources and Simplify Life
Europe, April 2, 2012



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