Special Reports


Be One with God and Heaven at All Times

--- A Special Gathering with Supreme Master Ching Hai
Compiled by USA News Group
(Originally in English)

For many fellow initiates around the world, the spring of Golden Year 9 (2012) was unforgettable, as they spent time with Supreme Master Ching Hai for an international gathering in Europe. Rejoicing in Her divine presence, they listened to Her enlightening discourses and meditated by Her loving side. From March 23 to April 9, Master graciously received initiates in groups almost every day, as much as possible, and showered them with abundant spiritual blessings.

Master announced the wonderful news that the life of the Earth has been extended by five more decades* and counting, and the number will increase at an even faster pace as She continues meditating for the world. It will go to centuries and thousands of years,” She mentioned. She revealed that during the planetary crisis, She became very upset with all the Heavenly deities, saying that the whole planet did not have to be destroyed, especially since Mother Earth didn’t want to go yet. People should be allowed to live the way they chose and, if necessary, to later come back and pay their own karma. She also explained that meditation does help balance the Earth’s vibration and uplifts the consciousness of humanity toward beneficial change: They will not know why, but they feel something change in them, and that they would like to switch to a more benevolent lifestyle.”

*Editorial note: In a December 22, Golden Year 9 (2012) video-conference with the Supreme Master Television staff, Supreme Master Ching Hai conveyed the following message: According to Her December 18th spiritual diary entry, our planet will be blessed to continue existing for another 8,331,171 years and even longer as Master continues to bless the world through Her deep meditation.

With much optimism for the future of humankind, She said, The longer the planet lives, the more people will have a chance to become vegan and spiritually uplifted. Recounting Her own experiences of dealing with people in society, Master observed that many nowadays have more love and are more open. Also, conditions in the world are getting better. There is less war and fewer disasters. Master said that She was happy to see that many leading news agencies, such as CNN, Russia Today, France 24 and others, have changed in response to Supreme Master Television and are now airing programs more conducive to healthy, moral and noble living. She also noticed that many world leaders have improved their lifestyles by drinking less, smoking less and even adopting the compassionate animal-free diet. She urged these decision-makers to be more open about their uplifting choices, to generate greater positive influence on their fellow citizens.

Master thanked all the initiates for their supportive energies and actions, saying, Every time you think nobly and you act nobly or selflessly, the results are always fantastic, visibly and invisibly. And it affects the whole world, not just that person you did a favor for, or not just yourself or your family or your five generations. It affects the world and even the universe, depending on how big your action or how grand your noble thoughts are. It always works, because when you’re thinking nobly or acting selflessly, you are one with Heaven. And then, you’re adding more power to Heaven to overcome the negative power in this world… So, the more practitioners, the more noble thoughts you have, the more selfless actions you do, you will save the world.

Master pointed out that when we meditate, our purpose is to be one with God, and that purposeful good intention and holy example is very powerful. She has thus had to go on retreat and concentrate more to be able to dilute all the adverse influences of the world as well as the impurity that latches onto Her being. She said, The higher you go, the quicker you assimilate, and the more you can draw from the spiritual energy of the universe. And we can really change Heaven and Earth. As She can earn more than zillions and zillions of spiritual points per day, even Heaven’s gates can be increased and moved to the desired locations. She pointed out, More Heaven gates for more Heaven roads, so that we can overtake the hell gates and hell roads. We flip them over and shut each one down, like demolishing an old, bad building and building a new, beautiful lux-o condo. That we will do. I also didn’t think it could be possible, but it is possible. It’s going on like that now.

Concerning our diet and food choices, Master noted that even if we are vegetarian or vegan, we could still be harming the trees, the plants, and the planet. We thus should be more conscious in our selection of fruits and vegetables. Master then read from a list of “Peace and Loving Foods” She had created based on extensive research during Her meditation. These plants can be harvested with minimal harm or even no pain (please refer to “Peace and Loving Foods” for detailed list). She also reminded: Always be humble and always thinking of God, not feeling proud or arrogance of any kind. Always have compassion in your heart, no matter what you eat.

With enthusiasm, fellow initiates shared with Master their success stories in introducing the vegan diet to their local communities. From mainland China to Brazil, Belgium and cities across the United States, more and more vegan restaurants now serve a diverse selection of cuisines to an ever-increasing population of vegans. Working with creativity, love and persistence, both local Loving Hut franchises and other initiates’ vegan restaurants have become very popular, offering services such as drive-through, pick-up, and catering. Master commented that it’s very important for all restaurant staff to have “bright-and-shine” quality as well as positive hearts.

Master was delighted to hear that in some European countries such as the Netherlands and Germany, the number of vegan shops is quickly increasing and other stores are offering more vegan and vegetarian options. In addition, in Vienna, Austria, fellow initiates have opened Vegan World, a shop that sells plant-based food supplies, and a vegan supermarket was scheduled to open in the area. Master encouraged others to do the same, to start a new trend of vegan shops and supermarkets. “I can see maybe a paradise coming, sooner than we think.¨

In light of the extension of Earth years, Master said to everyone, Don’t hesitate to open a vegan deli, vegan café, vegan flea market cart. And have a vegan tea party; invite your neighbors. If you cannot open one, just invite the neighbors. Have a community also so people are not too lonely anymore, at least. Jokingly, She said that if She didn’t have the job of a Master, She would surely open a deli corner or a café, to serve people, talk to them, make them happy, healthier, and help change their life for the better. “Isn’t that noble and nice and lovely to (even) think about it? I would love that job.”

One initiate told Master how she put her faith in God while going through a series of setbacks and unexpected events, and she eventually found ideal housing for herself. Master commented, Even though sometimes we have a place that we do not feel is up to our liking, if we somehow believe that it is for us because Heaven wants to give it to us, or we trust in God, or trust in Heaven, or trust in Master power and just accept it anyway, then later, even if it’s bad, it will turn into good. Or we will somehow use it as a step to go to a better place. Because we passed the test, or maybe because we are so spiritual that Heaven is touched… So we just have to be patient, accept and be grateful for anything.

Master shared reminiscences of Her early days in Hsihu and Her solitary life in the mountains where She could always remain within Herself in contentment despite the lack of material comfort. From the past to the present, many masters and yogis have also led simple lives, often meditating in caves, because they could concentrate better with fewer mundane distractions.

It’s not lonely to be alone. It’s lonely to be with people,” She said. Reflecting on Her own life, Master said, Since I knew of spiritual practice, everything in my life is just for that category, for spiritual practice only, for improvement in spiritual practice, for myself and for everyone as well.She encouraged initiates to also give meditation foremost importance in life.

Always seeking new ways to preserve the Earth’s natural resources, Master discussed the merits of recycling and the use of renewable energies such as solar and wind power. She highly recommended rainwater harvesting systems as well, saying that collecting rainwater is not only eco-friendly, it is also healthy, clean, less expensive and less karma.

During the gathering, Master patiently answered many questions from fellow initiates on a variety of topics, offerings words of wisdom and practical guidance to solve problems in their daily lives. Relating humorous stories about Her taxi drivers, Master offered tips on maintaining a good marriage. While expressing complete understanding of the human need for companionship, She pointed out that most physical love is a form of attachment, which is different from the unconditional love of Masters like Buddha or Jesus. However, She always lets us make choices for ourselves. She said,You have the right to fall and rise; you have the right to make mistakes and recover; you have the right to feel sad and return to happiness; you have the right to experience life in this physical realm.

Master explained that there is nothing accidental in this world. Certain incidents in our life could occur even from thinking too much about someone or some events in the past, causing the karma to connect immediately. She reminded everyone to concentrate on the wisdom eye and repeat the Holy Names at all times to protect ourselves. Master also graciously summarized the ideal priorities for our life: Promote the vegan diet, meditate, and pray. Meditation is very important. The intention of meditation is very important. We should share with this world.

With God’s grace, fellow initiates experienced joy and peace in Master’s presence, inspired by Her insights and compassion. Words cannot express our gratefulness for all the efforts and sacrifices that Master has made to save the planet. Remaining positive and counting our blessings, we will continue our endeavors to elevate ourselves spiritually, share the vegan lifestyle and help to more quickly create a paradise on Earth.