Pearls of Wisdom

The Method of Attaining Immortality

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai,
Tainan, Formosa, July 7, 1988 (Originally in Chinese)

In some realms, there is no birth, death, deterioration, or destruction, but on our Earth, we have all of these phenomena. There are many realms where there is no birth, no destruction, no contamination, and no purity. They exist forever. Only after we have reached these dimensions can we attain immortality, which is impossible in this world. Many people ask why we do not practice for physical enhancement. They think that instead of practicing for the upliftment of the heart, one should first practice for the physical body to achieve longevity. They have misunderstood the method of Lao Tzu, of Taoism. They have heard that Taoist practitioners can attain immortality. However, we know that all the ancient Taoist practitioners left us; none of them ever stayed. If they became immortals, then where are they? Stop dreaming.

We want to leave this ephemeral world, transcend the three realms, and attain immortal life. Thus, we should practice the method of immortality. Only when we have found and arrived in an immortal world can our dreams come true. We know that such worlds exist because many people have been there before and have told us about them. Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni Buddha, Mohammed and others have told us about the existence of worlds that are eternal, happier and more glorious than this one.


The Secret Method to Achieve Immortality

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai,
Penghu, Formosa, January 26, 1989 (Originally in Chinese)

The immortality of the spiritual body can be achieved by practicing the method of the Buddha, of the Saints. It is the immortality referred by Lao Tzu when he said those who had attained the Tao (the Truth) would become immortal, or those who had attained “the Tao that’s indescribable” would become immortal. However, if we want to become immortal, we should go to the immortal realm. Even if we can live in this world immortally… Suppose we can live a long long time, as long as the Earth, we will still die one day, because Earth will be destroyed one day. This is an ephemeral world. It cannot exist forever. Therefore, to achieve true immortality, we have to go to the land of the Buddha, or the Kingdom of God. The ultimate way, or the ultimate method leading to the Kingdom of God is the Quan Yin Method. We have to rely on the inner vibration, or the Buddha Power, or the “Word of God” to elevate our spiritual body.

The Internal Light and Sound Are Vital in Achieving Eternal Life

Spoken by the Supreme Master Ching Hai,
Paris, France, April 24, 1993
(Originally in French) Videotape #359

To achieve eternal life, we depend on the internal Light and Sound. Without them, there will be no happiness, either on Earth or in Heaven. We could never reach the state of perfection in spite of however hard we tried to become a virtuous or elegant person. These qualities belong only to the interior world. All the so-called Beauty, Truth and Virtue manifested in this material world are inferior duplicates.

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