Elevation of the Soul


The Real Love
- A Collection of Musical Essence


The grand premiere of The Real Love musical held at Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, California, USA on August 27, Golden Year 8 (2011) received outstanding reviews and left everlasting fond memories in the hearts of many people. This musical adaptation was inspired by the life story of Supreme Master Ching Hai, and is the result of collaborative efforts of top musicians, actors and artists from around the world in bringing this moving true story to the stage. Although the preparation time for this incredible event was fairly short, the performance was an unprecedented success. This great success seemed to convey the clear message that LOVE can accomplish anything.

The book “The Real Love is a collection of the full script, lyrics, sheet music and multiple color stills. Readers can take their time to appreciate each scene, feeling the heartfelt emotion and contemplating the profound meaning. The heartfelt musical lyrics are taken from the moving poetry of Supreme Master Ching Hai. It is fortunate indeed that by the release of the book, more people will have the opportunity to enjoy this fabulous musical and derive inspiration and benefit from it.

Master once said: “Because poetry appeals to the heart, also to the intellect, also to the emotion of human, it’s easy to remember, poetry is a very good instrument to teach people. Therefore, many of the Masters in the old time, they favored poetry as a teaching.”

The Real Love” book is one of the best gifts that we could share with family and friends, which can purify the mind, bring joy to the heart and elevate the soul through Master’s sublime poetry and songs. ♥

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