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Mike Anderson

- The RAVE Diet

Compiled from Supreme Master Television

All families in America are being torn apart by diseases caused by the foods they eat. These diseases can not only be prevented, but also reversed, by making ultimately simple changes in diet.

                                                                              ~Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson is a vegan and author of “The RAVE Diet and Lifestyle.” The term RAVE is an acronym which stands for: No Refined foods, No Animal foods, No Vegetable oils, and No Exceptions and Exercise. Mr. Anderson is also the producer of three powerful films on health and eating -- “Healing Cancer from Inside Out,” “8 Minutes,” and “Eating.”

The introduction to the “Eating” DVD, which over 20 million people have watched, states: “My father died of cancer. My step-father died of heart disease. My mother has severe osteoporosis. My sister-in-law’s diabetic. A friend of mine was just diagnosed with breast cancer. My neighbor’s on heart medicines and cholesterol-lowering drugs. All this sound familiar? What’s not so familiar is that these health problems were caused by eating habits. In fact, eating is the biggest cause of disease, disabilities and death in the US today and according to the Surgeon General eating kills 2 out of 3 Americans every year.”

After years of research and interviewing some of the top doctors in nutrition, including Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. John McDougall and Dr. Joel Fuhrman, here is a sample of what Mr. Anderson has discovered:

1. Degenerative diseases are killing 80% of the population.

2. By adopting the vegan RAVE diet, a person can reverse virtually any degenerative disease including cancer, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

3. When Asian countries adopt Western meat and processed food eating habits, these degenerative diseases increase dramatically within their population.

4. Before 1900, American diets consisted of bread, potatoes, corn, oats, rye, barley meals, beans and other vegetables, fruits and whole grains bread, and they rarely contracted these diseases.

5. Livestock depend on food loaded with pesticides and then are injected with more chemicals and antibiotics -- 95% of the pesticides within our bodies come from meat.

6. People eat fish because of Omega 3, but plant foods have plenty of Omega 3.

7. Unhealthy refined foods include white bread, white sugar and vegetable oils.

Mr. Anderson is against refined vegetable oils because all their nutrients are destroyed during processing, which includes bleaching and deodorizing. When we use refined oils for cooking, the heat turns the oil into a toxic substance. Fried cooking oil isn’t a natural food, and has been linked to increased chances of cancer and heart disease. Water is a good substitute for cooking instead of oil.

He explains the negative effects of meat in simple terms, “Animal-based diets clog arteries and restrict blood flow and oxygen throughout the body. When the heart isn’t getting oxygen, it’s called a heart attack. When your brain doesn’t get oxygen, it’s called a stroke. When you deprive the tissues and cells in your body of oxygen, the underlying cause of all cancers are created. The one thing an animal-based diet does best is kill people.

During the 20th century, society changed. As animal foods became more affordable due to government subsidies, Americans switched from their natural plant food diets to animal-based diets. This started the biggest dietary change in human history and brought with it a new era of eating-related diseases. By the 1950s, Americans were suddenly dying of heart attacks, and by the 1990s cancer had become a household name.

Mr. Anderson found the problem lies with government subsidies to the unhealthy food industry: sugar, meat and dairy. Our governments are paying these industries tens of billions of dollars to produce food that is causing us to get sick and then in turn, the government has to spend billions more dollars on trying to cure diseases from the foods they support! It is a vicious cycle that doesn’t make sense. Mr. Anderson’s solution to immediately improve the nation’s health: Stop these government subsidies.

Moreover, he has also researched livestock’s contribution to global warming. “The number one source of methane is the animals we raise and eventually eat. So, the good thing about methane is that it only stays in the atmosphere for eight years. If people would cut back on their consumption of animal products, it could recycle out very quickly. There could be a more immediate impact on global warming, on cooling.”

Thank you, Mr. Anderson, for your thorough research and creative endeavors to inform the public about the harmful effects a meat diet has on human’s health and our planet.

* Although vegetable cooking oil is undesirable for health reasons, it is still part of a vegan diet.

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