Shining World Compassion Award


The Noble Lady Who Brings Hope
to Students in Disaster Areas


By fellow initiate in Shanghai, China (Originally in Chinese)

On September 27, Golden Year 5 (2008), on behalf of Supreme Master Ching Hai, Association members presented the Shining World Compassion Award, together with Master’s publications, to retired Shanghai teacher Madam Shen Cuiying, for her selfless and compassionate assistance to children in earthquake-affected areas.

This past May, the Wenchuan earthquake destroyed many homes and schools in western China. Many children were unable to attend regular classes. Madam Shen, a retired teacher who had taught in a school for speech- and hearing-impaired children for over two decades, was very concerned and devoted much thought to helping the children return to school. With the earnest support of her family, she auctioned off her house in a prosperous Shanghai district and donated the entire sale revenue of 4.5 million RMB (US$657,895) to the devastated city of Dujiangyan for the construction of a medium-sized “school of hope” that could withstand earthquakes. Madam Shen’s immense love touched the hearts of all the auctioneers and bidders, subsequently leading to a final bid that was higher than expected. The retired teacher is now working to establish a link to channel financial aid from Shanghai to the quake-struck areas in order to help speed up economic recovery, for only then can the local people support themselves and lead better lives.

Madam Shen was very grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for giving her this Award. She said that she will tell more people about the broadcasts of love on Supreme Master Television, to inspire them to make more loving contributions to society and the world. May God’s grace and blessing be always with Madam Shen and her caring endeavors.

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