Shining World Compassion Award

Caring for Felines:
Christy Metropole and the Stray Cat Alliance
Compiled by Supreme Master Television (Originally in English)

Christy Metropole is an animal lover who lives a vegan lifestyle. After an unexpected encounter with a feral cat in her backyard one day, she has been dedicated to helping our sick, homeless or dying feline co-inhabitants. Ten years ago, she founded the Stray Cat Alliance, a non-profit organization devoted to the rescue and care of cats.

The Stray Cat Alliance has over 90 volunteers, whose main goal is to raise public awareness in the caring of animals, especially feral or stray cats that were once beloved by human companions, offering their warmth and loyalty. Christy estimates they have helped hundreds of thousands of cats over the last ten years. The Alliance is also involved in a program called “Loving Seniors for Loving Seniors,” where they help introduce loving cats into senior centers to provide friendship. Christy also emphasizes how beneficial it is for children to be around animals, which help them become well-rounded and compassionate individuals.

Thank you letter from Ms. Christy Metropole for the US$5,000 contribution by Master.

Christy commented on the importance of veganism: “It's so important to be vegan and I also want to say that it's important to do what you can every day…people don't realize that the trickle-down of what they eat and where they buy things can show a lot of compassion and help companies that are compassionate and life-fulfilling. We really have the power in our pocketbooks. And I think that's really important just to do something every day for animals, even if it's just something small.” She also supports Bill 1634 ― The California Healthy Pets Act, which requires caretakers to spay and neuter their animal companions, and is a forerunner to the elimination of euthanasia in shelters.

The dedication of Christy Metropole and the Stray Cat Alliance in bettering the lives of our feline friends has not gone unnoticed. Supreme Master Ching Hai recognized their humane and loving efforts to help our fellow beings with the Shining World Compassion Award and a US$5,000 financial contribution to further their compassionate work. Upon receiving the Award from our representative at the Supreme Master TV studio in Los Angeles on March 9, Golden Year 5 (2008), Christy expressed her gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai: “I just wanted to thank You so much for this Award. It means so much to me. And the financial contribution is going to help so many stray and feral cats on the streets, who have nobody to advocate for them. And I’m touched by Your organization, and Your people, and the fact that You have such a beautiful spirit, and there are so many people who follow You, and that You love animals.”

We thank you, Christy and the Stray Cat Alliance, for all you have done to help our feline friends. May God bless you ever more in your loving endeavors to bring happiness, comfort and security to all beings.

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