Love in Action


Bringing God’s Love and Blessing to Myanmar
By Myanmar Disaster Relief Team (Originally in English)

On May 2, 2008, Myanmar was devastated by cyclone Nagis, taking countless lives, displacing tens of thousands of people, and destroying all the crops. Hearing of the tragedy, Master immediately rendered financial aid of US$120,000, and relief teams comprised of fellow initiates from Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Formosa traveled to the affected regions to provide aid and comfort to the cyclone victims.

On the morning of May 7, one of the first relief teams, with members from Thailand, arrived in Rangoon bringing with them urgently needed medicine and food supplies. They met a fellow initiate who was a doctor and gave her supplies, medicine and some financial assistance to prepare vegetarian meals for all the victims. On May 9, the relief team traveled 10 hours to reach Bogalay, one of the most affected areas, and distributed plastic covers, bags, instant noodles and water to the victims. On their return, more financial aid was given to the victims who lost their homes to the cyclone, making them very happy.

On May 21, 2008, the Thai initiates met the Malaysian relief team in Myanmar. Together, they visited 22 shelters in different cities, offering food, daily necessities and cash to victims in person. In the 7 shelters in Pathein, where more than 50 percent of the Myanmar fellow initiates stayed, the relief team was glad to find that everyone was safe and thankful for Master’s blessing and constant care. The medicine given to doctors and the Myanmar Red Cross was greatly appreciated. This time, the initiates also distributed supplies to temples, churches and mosques. One Muslim man thanked them for all the help from Master and wanted to know more about Her.

From May 31 to June 3, the relief team from Formosa was dispatched to provide medical treatment to the Myanmar victims. There they treated about 300 patients with the help of local interpreters. Some of the patients were so touched that they knelt tearfully in front of Master’s pictures with their palms together showing their deep gratitude. Financial support was given to temples and churches, where a great number of displaced people stayed. The team also gave US$10,000 cash to the church headquarters, for the purchase of urgently needed boats to transport relief supplies. There, Master’s SOS global warming flyer was presented to the archbishop’s wife, who was very interested in this issue and wants to organize events in the future to educate children about the importance of fighting global warming.

There has been so much international and local disaster relief support in Myanmar. Witnessing the kindness and the purity of the local people, the relief team members firmly believe that with God’s blessings and the assistance from all over the world, Myanmar’s victims will surely recover from the disaster and rebuild their homes.


Expenditures for Relief Efforts Rendered to Cyclone Victims in Myanmar
by Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her Association


Amount (USD)

Receipt No.

Daily necessities (towels, soap, detergent, shirts, sarongs, raincoats, sheets)



Food (instant noodles, canned and packaged food, water, etc.)



Fertilizers, excavator, tools (shovels, axes, saws, mosquito nets



Medicine (bandages, mercurochrome, plasters)



Camping equipment (tents, plastic covers, plastic bags)



Cash for purchasing boats



Miscellaneous expenses (transportation, car rental, fuel, leaflets, payment to workers, etc.)



Monetary contribution to the victims




US$ 126,081.63



1.Throughout the relief operation, fellow initiates paid for their own transportation, food and accommodation expenses.

2. Many of the medical supplies used by our relief team were provided at wholesale prices by fellow initiates who are doctors. Fellow initiates in the medicine business also contributed medical supplies at cost price and some medicines free of charge. Everyone offered their love in different ways to help the victims.

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