Vegetarian Era


Devour the Earth
a Great Film
with a Vital Message

By UK News Group (Originally in English)

Devour the Earth is a succinct documentary produced by the UK’s Vegetarian Society and the European Vegetarian Union and is narrated by world-renowned vegetarian and member of the Beatles Sir Paul McCartney. The film also features a prologue by the late second president of Slovenia, Dr Janez Drnovsek.

Devour the Earth clearly illustrates the environmental consequences of human activity and the effects of the meat-based diet on our beautiful, precious planet. Scientific evidence now endorsed by the United Nations and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), clearly demonstrates the chilling fact that meat eating is the main contributor to global warming and has countless other adverse effects on the earth as well. The film reveals that the Earth existed in ecological balance for 4,000 million years and that only during the last 200 years, since the start of the industrial revolution, has it become so badly damaged, displaying the harsh realities of how the meat industry is leading to much calamity on Earth. The combination of burning trees and animal waste adds greatly to the carbon emissions released into our precious atmosphere.

In terms of human and animal health, Devour the Earth highlights how the meat-based diet causes many diseases including various forms of cancer, BSE (mad cow disease) and heart conditions.

The film also discusses how beautiful, intelligent and loving our animal co-inhabitants are, how they experience feelings of love, pain, sadness and joy and how humankind inconsiderately and cruelly cuts short the lives of these extraordinary friends, who crave to live peacefully and harmoniously just as we do.

The ultimate message of Devour the Earth is that meat eating has hugely adverse effects on humans, animals and other parts of Earth’s ecosystem, all for the sake of food sources for which we have no nutritional need! Thus, by adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet we can dramatically increase our own wellbeing, and also maintain a healthier, happier and cleaner planet in harmony with our animal co-inhabitants. We must act immediately to preserve the earth for future generations and our fellow creatures will be extremely grateful!

If you would like to stop the unnecessary pain and suffering inflicted daily on our beautiful animal friends and ultimately save our planet, please watch Devour the Earth and go veggie!

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