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A Salute to a Noble Soul

For Dr. Janez’s noble intention, for his love and care for fellow human beings and animals, for passionately wanting to better the world and to save the planet, we salute him respectfully and we invite you to join his work and to think of what to do for the future of ourselves, for us, to care for our planet, for our fellow humans and animals alike to make this world a paradise.

~Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
Supreme Master Television News Report (Originally in English)

On February 23, the world was saddened by the passing of Dr. Janez Drnovšek, Slovenia’s beloved president, renowned author and hero of countless people who shared his ideals of creating a better world. Upon being informed, Supreme Master Ching Hai set aside Her busy schedule and traveled to the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana to express Her deeply felt sympathies to Dr. Drnovšek’s loved ones and the nation’s people. There, Master was received at the Crystal Hall of the Presidential Palace, where she wrote in the Book of Condolences these heartfelt words:


Why did you go so soon when the world needs you most?
I’d have wanted to see you in my home as you wished.
I know it is better where you are, but we all miss you!

Love, Love, Ching Hai

In memory of the passing of this fellow humanitarian so loved by his people, Master also met with government officials and members of the Slovenian press, including Ms. Barbara Žgajner Tavš, member of parliament and representative for The Foundation to Help Children. Master presented Ms. Tavš with €10,000 to assist several hundred underprivileged children in the city of Maribor. She also gave €10,000 to Mr. Iztok Kordiš, headmaster of Waldorf School, to help fund a special project for students in need.
Master’s meeting with Ms. Barbara Žgajner Tavš, member of the parliament, and Mr. Iztok Kordiš, the headmaster of the child-friendly Waldorf School

That week, Slovenia’s largest national television station, 24 ur, broadcast a series of programs on Dr. Drnovšek’s remarkable lifelong contributions to the world. The series included excerpts from the event launching the Chinese edition of the President’s book, Thoughts on Life and Consciousness. Master had participated in a videoconference with Dr. Drnovšek celebrating the book’s publication, which was broadcast live on Supreme Master Television.







Master was also interviewed by journalist Ms. Jadranka Tavcar for RTV Slovenian (1), another major national television station in Slovenia and for the newspaper Sunday News on February 26. During the interview, Master spoke on the issues of global warming, animal rights and spirituality. Their interview lasted for nearly four hours. Ms. Tavcar was very impressed by the kindness of Master, saying that she regarded Master as her own sister.

Master also met with Dr. Zdenka Cebasek Tratnik (2), Human Rights Ombudsman of Slovenia, who is also a vegetarian. During their conversation, they discovered that they shared a common wish for greater social awareness about animals and their rights. In another interview with Ms. Katarina Trontelj (3), a regular contributing writer for the women’s magazine Ona and the esoteric monthly Spiritual, Master expressed the hope that we humans can address environmental problems by lessening karmic retribution.

At the request of a journalist from the leading newspaper Slovenske Novice (Slovenian News) (4), Master shared Her recollection of meeting President Dr. Drnovsek: “As soon as we saw each other, we immediately connected and became friends ... I got to know him as a wise, heartfelt man.” Master’s meeting with the President at that time was to personally confer upon him the Shining World Leadership Award in recognition of his outstanding efforts and enlightened leadership in creating a bright future for the world and all humankind.

Through Slovenske Novice, Master spoke of how we could emulate Dr. Drnovsek in his connection with the inner Self. “First we need to find our own wisdom, which everyone has within himself. Then everything else comes by itself; we only need to meditate.” Master also stated that the purpose of practicing the Quan Yin Method “is to calm down the mind … When we are calm, we can find God inside, or intelligence or wisdom … This is the solution to everything.” Later, while meeting with Slovenia’s celebrated writer and actress, Ms. Maja Gal Stromar (5), Master said that we could follow Dr. Drnovsek’s example and leadership by becoming vegetarian and more spiritual inside. She also encouraged the people of Slovenia to continue to be great.

Dr. Drnovsek’s last and ultimate wish for the world was expressed in his poem, “Peace and Goodness.” Following are excerpts of the verses, composed as a dialog with questions central to human existence and responses that reflect the theme of spiritual transcendence:

“What do we want in life?

Peace. And we look for the meaning of our existence.

Is it enough to be at peace?

If we are at peace, we have found meaning…

Surely there is something else apart from peace, which brings sense to our life?

Yes, there is. Goodness.


We must do good. This gives meaning to our life.

Peace and goodness then?

Peace and goodness.”

We join our hearts and love in respectful condolence to Dr. Drnovšek’s family, his fellow leaders and the gentle and kind people of Slovenia. Master’s loving words and unhesitating assistance during Her visit to the country deeply touched those She met. One could feel the Peace and Goodness in the air that was spoken of by President Drnovšek in his last poem.

To watch the broadcast of Master’s Slovenian visit of remembrance and tribute to Dr. Drnovšek, please visit:  http://video.Godsdirectcontact.net/magazine/Master_Janez.php