Panorama of Events



Fight Global Warming, Go Vegan to Save the Earth
By Nantou News Group (Originally in Chinese)

[Nantou] As temperatures continued to rise, on January 29, Golden Year 5 (2008), the Nantou Center held a “Fight Global Warming, Go Vegan to Save the Earth” event at the New Era Art Resort and Spa in Puli. Along with showing the NASA Climate Report film, we treated our guests to a nutritious and healthy vegan New Year feast, hoping to raise public concern about global warming while also celebrating the Lunar New Year with a vegan feast instead of meat.

A hundred guests came to the gathering to discuss the impact of global warming. Among them were about 80 local people and 20 prominent figures, including school principals, directors, and teachers, as well as Nantou County Councilor Ms. Xu Ah-gan; superintendents of the Nantou County Education Bureau; Mr. Lin Hong-rui, General Manager of the vegetarian website; organic expert Ms. Li Qiu-liang; Providence University lecturer Mr. Zheng Zhi-han; and Dr. Huang Chuan-yuan, Director of the International Chinese Naturopath Association.

When watching the NASA Climate Report film, some people cried to see polar bears drowning in the water as melted ice left them nothing to walk on. We distributed leaflets about the film to all participants, urging everyone to work together to overcome this global crisis by adopting the vegetarian lifestyle, planting trees, driving hybrid cars, using renewable energy sources, and praying for God’s grace. During our discussion, a group of college students arrived at the resort and were so deeply impressed that they stayed until the end.

County Councilor Ms. Xu said she hoped to increase fuel tax through legislation to raise public awareness of the impact of air pollution on the Earth. General Manager Lin Hong-rui stressed that “the vegetarian lifestyle does not merely elevate our consciousness, but expresses our care and love for animals. Most importantly, it protects the Earth on which we and our descendants live.”

Lecturer Zheng Zhi-han from Providence University reminded everyone: “To fight global warming fast, there is only one world! We must act immediately and bring love into our daily lives.” The Education Bureau superintendents told us that they had come voluntarily and found the event very meaningful. They hoped to introduce the concept of environmental protection to schools, so that everyone would cherish and conserve our beautiful planet.

After the discussion, we treated our guests to a 20-course nutritious and healthy vegan New Year feast. We also presented our guests and media friends with gifts, including Master’s books, News magazines, Supreme Master Television souvenir t-shirts, videos on global warming and vegetarianism, and delicious meal boxes. The event ended with many positive comments from the guests.

We are grateful to Master for helping us understand more about global warming and learn how to convey our ideas to the media and the public. In the year to come, we will collaborate with schools to share with more people the concept “Be Veg! Go Green, Save the Planet.”


Sharing the Noble Message through Books
By Hsinchu News Group (Originally in Chinese)

[Hsinchu] In hopes of raising society’s consciousness, on December 23, Golden Year 4 (2007), initiates from the Hsinchu Center contributed Master’s latest books along with Dr. Janez Drnovsek’s study Thoughts on Life and Consciousness to respected media, academics and political leaders.

One recipient of these wonderful publications, Hsinchu County Magistrate Cheng Yung-chin, expressed his sincere gratitude and said that he would buy more copies for his co-workers. Hopefully, through the influence of these noble works, the world’s consciousness will be further elevated.

Caption: Hsinchu County Magistrate Cheng Yung-chin (left) sincerely accepting Master’s new books


University Students Work toward a Better World

On January 17, Golden Year 5 (2008), fellow practitioners from the Light and Sound Club of National Tsinghua University organized a dinner for members of clubs at various universities in Hsinchu, including the Meditation Club of Yuanpei University, the Tzu Chi Youth Society and Life Caring Club of Hsuan Chuang University, the Tzu Chi Youth Club of Yu Da University and the Life Conservation Club of Chung Hua University. During the event, the participants explored the possibility of holding a series of campus book exhibitions to promote the vegetarian diet and the noble ideal of love for animals. In addition, Master’s books and President Drnovsek’s book were introduced to the guests, and the NASA Climate Report video was shown.

The dinner left a deep impression on all the participants. So, united by the same ideal, the Hsinchu fellow practitioners are eager to have greater interaction and hold more joint activities with these groups in order to make the world a more beautiful place for us all to live in and enjoy.

On February 25 and 26, Golden Year 5 (2008), the Light and Sound Club of National Tsinghua University, in cooperation with the Tzu Chi Youth Society of National Hsinchu University of Education (NHUE), set up a booth in front of the NHUE Activity Center to introduce a vegetarian lifestyle and environmental protection. In addition to displaying books written by Master and Dr. Janez Drnovsek, we also showed a video on global warming, and distributed Alternative Living and Supreme Master Television leaflets as well as SOS fliers urging people to go vege and protect the environment.

Our fellow initiates prepared a wide variety of vegetarian food for free tasting by faculty members and students. They also personally delivered fliers and vegetarian delicacies to administrative and departmental offices, which won the appreciation and commendation of the NHUE president and professors. To make the students realize the urgency of the matter, we especially designed an “Intelligent Quiz for Delicious Food.” The students studied the fliers and watched the video attentively to find the answer, exploring this serious and critical topic in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.



Vegan Meals are Positively Received
By Taipei News Group (Originally in Chinese)
Lihu Elementary School
   Delighted Association members take a photo with Principal Hong Tian-yi and his wife. They pray that our Earth will quickly evolve into a Golden Paradise where all beings live in harmony.  

[Taipei] Situated in Taipei City’s Neihu District, the newly-established Lihu Elementary School is designed to embrace new ideas.

Its Principal, Mr. Hong Tian-yi, a man known for his honesty and sincerity, recently invited the Taipei Center of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association to prepare a healthy, nutritious vegan feast at the school, to express his admiration and appreciation for the dedication of his teachers and administrative staff.

On January 22, Golden Year 5 (2008), our Association members arrived at the school with enough ingredients to prepare a sumptuous 20-course meal. Also, a fellow initiate who practices traditional Chinese medicine explained the huge benefits that the vegetarian diet can bring to our planet.

When Principal Hong gave the word to begin, everyone quickly queued up to get their delicacies, and then praised the food after tasting it. Among the guests, Principal Lee of Xihu Junior High School and Principal Liao from Xinhu Elementary School expressed their wish to host similar vegetarian feasts at their facilities.

Xihu Junior High School

Taipei Municipal Xihu Junior High School is located in a beautiful area near the hills. After attending a healthy vegan feast prepared by our Association members at Lihu Elementary School on January 22, Xihu Principal Ms. Lee Poling was highly impressed to find that vegetarian food is both delicious and environmentally friendly. She therefore invited our initiates to prepare a year-end vegetarian feast for her school’s teachers and administrative staff.

So on January 28, our Association members served a sumptuous vegetarian meal at Xihu, and the food was warmly welcomed by the participants. Several of the teachers wanted to order meal boxes and invited us to organize vegetarian parties for them. Among the guests was the manager of an educational aids company who requested that our Association provide vegetarian snacks for children attending an upcoming educational and recreational camp.

We are grateful for God’s infinite blessings and glad that the noble vegetarian lifestyle is now taking root in two more beautiful schools.

Dagu Hot Springs Inn 

On February 1, at the Dagu Hot Springs Inn in Wulai, Taipei County, members of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association invited academics and government officials to a delicious vegetarian feast and a discussion on global warming.


The event was attended by about 80 guests, including school principals, university professors, a former Wulai mayor, legislators, Taipei County councilors and representatives of local indigenous people. Our feast of more than 30 healthy, delicious vegetarian dishes won unanimous praise from all the guests. We hope that after realizing the benefits of the vegetarian diet and the severe impact of global warming, they will use their influence to motivate students and the public to support the concept “Go Vege, Be Green, Save Our Planet.”

Fighting Global Warming to Save Our Planet

Beginning this February, fellow initiates from the Taipei Center have endeavored to broadcast the message “Stop Global Warming, Go Green, Be Vege, Save Our Planet” to every part of Formosa through different channels and by distributing relevant informative materials.

On February 2, fellow initiates from the Taipei and Hsinchu Centers jointly held a vegetarian promotional event at Sindian’s New Garden City Residential Complex in suburban Taipei, appealing to people to eat more vegetarian food instead of meat, and to change their diet in order to reduce the damage that the livestock industry is causing to our planet. During the 2008 Taipei International Book Exhibition between February 13 and 18, fellow initiates distributed more than 70,000 fliers. On Lantern Festival on February 15, fellow initiates distributed fliers on the streets near National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and Taipei City Hall, where large crowds gathered for the annual Taipei lantern exhibition. Some fellow initiates dressed up as clowns and carried lanterns printed with the words “Be Vege to Save Our Planet” to attract the attention of the public.

  A joint endeavor by all Formosa Centers: Beginning on January 31, Golden Year 5 (2008), public announcements about Supreme Master Television and the “SOS! Go Veg! Be Green!” message were placed in the passenger compartments of Tzu-Chiang express trains and commuter trains for a period of two months.    

In addition, public announcements were placed on buses and all fellow initiates were invited to share this message with their relatives and friends through the Internet. The response has been most encouraging. For example, Mr. Wu Rui-yao, Director of and a long-time supporter in disseminating information from The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, added links to Supreme Master Television and the SOS-NASA Climate Report on his homepage—

Hopefully, such concerted effort from everyone will attract greater attention to global warming and people will take immediate action to stop the crisis.

An Educational Winter Camp for Both Children and Parents
By Pingtung News Group (Originally in Chinese)

[Pingtung] The Activity and Counseling Group of the Laiyi Center held a Children’s Winter Camp at the Center during the winter vacation. It was a great opportunity for young participants to learn more about environmental conservation and animal life, while building a closer relationship with their parents. During the two-day activity, they gained much knowledge from the well-known environmentalists from southern Formosa and visited the Husheng Dog Pound in Wandan Township.

The parents, who are fellow initiates, enjoyed the growth experience with their children. The winter camp was a success that benefited participants of all ages.

Libraries Welcome Master’s Books
By Changhua News Group (Originally in Chinese)

[Changhua] As part of an endeavor to encourage people to love and care for animals, fellow brothers and sisters from the Changhua Center held their third book activity; this time after the Lunar New Year. A total of 84 schools and organizations received Master’s new books – The Birds in My Life and The Dogs in My Life, News magazines, as well as Thoughts on Life and Consciousness by Dr. Janez Drnovsek. Principals and administrators of several schools dearly appreciated our book contributions. They personally received our fellow initiates to express their gratitude and asked various questions about animal protection and the vegetarian lifestyle.

We would like to thank Master for providing us with the opportunity to share these wonderful books with our fellow citizens.