Love in Action
“Love for Life” Oil
Spill Cleanup in Korea

By Korea News Group (Originally in Korean)

When an oil tanker spilled 10,500kl of oil into the waters off Taean on the west coast of South Korea in early December 2007, local fellow initiates rushed to the disaster area to help restore the once-scenic coastline. Beginning on December 14, the work team braved often sub-zero temperatures to engage in a five-week cleanup effort covering Hakampo Beach, Mawoe and many other areas. To infuse positive energy into their work, the sisters and brothers held daily group meditation sessions.

Their efforts did not go unnoticed, as Mr. Kim Seong-Gi, head of the local 1365 Central Rescue Team said, “Now we are removing oil from stones. Members of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association arrived ahead of others to conduct recovery work after the Typhoon Nari disaster. Now, they have come again for the Tae-An sea oil-spill disaster, so I feel again that Supreme Master Ching Hai is surely concerned about helping in disasters.”

Many other people from all walks of life also sacrificed their holidays and year-end parties to join in the oil-spill cleanup. “The large-scale volunteer service this time shows that our society is healthy and there is hope for us,” said a representative of the Korean Federation for the Environment Movement.

While cleaning up a disaster site of such a huge scale, the fellow initiates deeply realized the importance of environmental protection, and are determined to work devotedly together to save the planet by following Master’s example.