Special Reports
2007 Gusi Peace Prize

By Supreme Master Television News Correspondent (Originally in English)

The 2007 Gusi Peace Prize ceremony was held on November 21, Golden Year 4 at the Meralco Theater in Manila, the Philippines. Hundreds of influential and celebrated people from a variety of political, commercial and social arenas gathered to witness this grand occasion, with laureates from all over the world receiving awards for promoting world peace and noble excellence in their fields.

In Golden Year 3 (2006), Supreme Master Ching Hai was one of the Peace Prize awardees for Her devoted humanitarian and peace-building endeavors. The Honorable Barry Gusi, Chairman of the Gusi Peace Prize Foundation, personally requested Master’s presence at this year’s ceremony as an honored guest and to lead the inaugural prayers. Although Master was unable to attend, She sent fellow initiates from Formosa, Hong Kong and the Philippines to assist with the ceremony and to film the event for Supreme Master Television.


On the eve of the ceremony, an opening dinner was held and initiates assisted in welcoming the invitees. Lovingly prepared gift bags from Master were also handed out to the special guests, who were very happy to receive them. The President of the Gusi Foundation, Mr. Manual Morato, met with initiates and expressed his deep longing to see Master again.

During the awards presentation, many of the laureates gave inspiring and moving acceptance speeches. One was given by Dr. Shigeru Suganami, a highly recognized Japanese doctor and president of AMDA (Association of Medical Doctors of Asia). His speech highlighted the essence of the event as he spoke about the concept of “Sogo-Fujo” (mutual assistance) between countries. Dr. Suganami recalled the devastating 1995 earthquake at Kobe, Japan, and how then-Philippine President, His Excellency Fidel Ramos, selflessly offered one month of his salary to help the Kobe citizens. When a disastrous landslide occurred in southern Leyte and a typhoon hit Legazpi in 2006, Dr. Suganami dispatched AMDA members to both of these Filipino sites. He explained that the Japanese people greatly supported AMDA on these missions, as they remembered the former Philippine President’s selfless act. Hearing of this beautiful example of humility and friendship between two countries, the audience applauded enthusiastically.

His Excellency Fidel Ramos, a 2006 Gusi Peace Prize laureate, was also in attendance. At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Ramos eloquently opened his heart to the audience, saying that our world’s hope for enduring peace and sustainable development depends on all of us. He went on to say that the Awards would be meaningless “unless indeed peace is established in our hearts and through the collective efforts of all in the whole world.” His sincere words were a fitting conclusion to the end of the 2007 Gusi Peace Prize Awards.
Receipt and thank you letter from Gusi Peace Foundation for the US$10,000 contributed by Master.

After the ceremony, the Honorable Barry Gusi wrote a letter to express his sincere thanks for Master’s support of this event. Our Master later sent a contribution of US$10,000 to the Gusi Peace Foundation for its noble mission in helping the poor and needy of the Philippines.

The Honorable Barry Gusi once said: “Let us join to work together for peace. We can make it happen with God’s blessings.” We sincerely echo those feelings and wish that Heaven may abundantly bless the noble endeavors of the Gusi Peace Foundation.

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