Master Says

Allah Is Great!


Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai,
Special Seminar in Thailand,
November 28, 2006 (Originally in English)


Thank God - thank Allah - that you can come. (Speaking to the Persian initiates) Blessed be Allah that Hes helps and loves you so much, that you can come here and be our brothers and sisters. Please thank Allah - everyone. (Audience: Thank You, Allah!) Allah is Great. Say that: “Allah is Great.” (Audience: Allah is Great!)

This is how to say it in the Persian language: “Allah is Great. God is Great: Khoda bozorg ast.” (To the audience) Can you say it? Please: “Khoda bozorg ast.” (Audience: Khoda bozorg ast!) Allah is Great! (Audience: Allah is Great!)


Wonderful. Thank you, thank you! Allah means God in the Persian language. It’s not a strange God; it’s just the name in Persian. In English, it’s God and in Persian it’s Allah. So you can say “Allah is Great” or “God is Great.” Without Allah, nothing happens. Without Allah’s blessing, we cannot do anything. So we always have to thank God and thank Allah. That is correct. Don’t ever forget; don’t forget to always thank God!

I am so happy you came. Allah must love you very much! Good for your country. Oh my God, you must be very sincere. When you are sincere and want something, Allah will help, always! It’s no problem. Never forget God.

Spiritual Opportunities for Beings on This and Other Planets


Q: Is the planet Earth the only physical planet? If not, are there other physical planets in the solar system?

M: Yes. There are many more physical planets where there are people similar to us.

Q: I’ve heard from Your discourses that there are beings on other planets in the solar system such as the Moon or Venus, and their consciousness is higher than human beings’.

M: No, not necessarily. I’ve said before that some other beings in the Moon are either Third Level or Fourth Level; the beings in the Sun are similar. But they are not developing like we are. Some of us do not have as high a level as they do, but we are catching up with them now. And some of us are higher level than some of the beings in the Moon or in the Sun, for example, because they are invisible beings.

Any invisible being or physical being is either born as lower level or higher level. And if they don’t have a spiritual teacher to teach them, they stay like that. They have no problem at all, but they just don’t change. In this physical level, we have the advantage that in the human body it’s quicker to progress in spiritual practice if you have a spiritual Master to guide you.

But on this physical planet there’s a lot of suffering. In the Moon, or the Sun or some other planets, they don’t know what suffering is. They don’t have that word in their dictionary. They don’t even have a dictionary! They don’t need verbal language. They enjoy peace, happiness, stability and spiritual bliss, and they enjoy telepathy. In a way, they are highly developed. But we have the advantage of having the body and having this suffering to motivate us to practice quicker. In the Moon and the Sun, for example, they don’t have any problems. They enjoy bliss all the time. They don’t feel the need to practice. So it’s very seldom that they can jump to the Fifth Level like a human being here; we can jump to the Fifth Level.

But what a price we have to pay here! Even being a Master, what a price. A master on even an astral planet isn’t ever persecuted there. And the beings over there, even astral planet beings, are more sensitive to the teachings, more open, more accepting and more receptive.

Anything on this physical planet is hell; it’s difficult because we have this body. The body is a beautiful vehicle, but it’s also a great hindrance. It makes all kinds of trouble. It makes war within nations, it makes war within religions, it makes war between religions, it makes war between nations; it makes war between family members, between husband and wife. Just because this physical body has the mind and brain and has been programmed so many different ways that two programs are never alike - and so we clash with each other most of the time. That’s how we have problems on this planet. But this is a very good instrument also, just that it’s like a knife with two ends: difficult to maneuver.

The Heroes of Allah


T: There is another question.

M: Yes. (Master listens to the Persian language) I feel it’s so beautiful, but I don’t know what it is.

T: That is a piece of poetry.

M: No wonder! I wanted to cry when I hear her speak, even though I don’t understand the language.

T: The meaning of it is, “I was full of sadness not knowing that You were coming, but when You came all my sadness went.”

M: Wonderful! That’s very wonderful. (Applause)

M: (To translator) You cannot translate now? Is it too beautiful?

T: Yes I can; I’m just so touched. This initiate’s husband and her eldest daughter send their love to You, Master. And they have been so cooperative, doing their best to make sure that everything is in place so these guys can come here.

M: Send my love to them and my “thank you.”

T: Also, her daughter has done some paintings of You meditating and full of Light, from a vision. And the husband said that he hopes we will have more families of vegetarians coming.

M: Yes, more will be coming. Just keep your meditation strong and pray to Allah every day. It will come.

Q: Master, thank You so much for changing my life so greatly. Today is the best day I’ve ever had in my life. (Applause)

M: (To translator) Tell them I also thank them, all the families here. It’s they who change their own life. It’s their high level of spiritual understanding that makes them recognize whatever they think is right. That means they have it within themselves. They will bring a lot more blessing to their country. They will bring good change into their nation and to their people. They are the heroes: All of you are the heroes of Allah. (Applause)

Q: I’d like to thank You, Master, for Your protection. When our mother passed away, we could feel it.

M: That’s wonderful.

Q: We are grateful. We felt Your grace, all of us in the family, when it happened. Thank You.

M: It’s wonderful because you should feel happy that she has gone to a higher planet.


Spiritual Practice Reveals Allah’s Omnipresence


Q: With the Quan Yin Method, I have a significant change in understanding about what prayer is. Because of the law of karma on Earth, how can we use prayer to help other people?

M: Our meditation is the best prayer: direct contact with the source of all blessing, and all protection and all love, which is Allah. God or Allah knows what we want before we even say it because Hes is omnipresent. So if we contact that even more, we can even know that Hes knows.

What I mean is that before we have contact directly with Allah or God through the Quan Yin Method, we prayed to Allah but we didn’t know whether or not Allah heard. We think that Allah knows but we don’t know. Now we know that Hes knows; we contact, we feel it and we know it. Before, Hes knows that Hes knows, but we don’t know that Hes knows. And now Hes knows that we know that Hes knows. And we know that Hes knows that we know that Hes knows; it’s clear! That’s the difference. So meditation in the Quan Yin Method is the best prayer; it’s the direct prayer.

Before the Quan Yin contact, Allah always knows what we want, and Allah always tells us what to do, but we don’t understand it. But now after the Quan Yin contact, we intuitively feel what Allah wants us to do, how Hes helps, and how Hiers grace operates every minute of time in our life. We are more aware of God’s will. The more we practice the Quan Yin Method, the more we are aware of God’s instruction, because it’s at the level of the soul, which is the greatest intelligence. It’s not like before we practiced the Quan Yin Method that God doesn’t help or God doesn’t hear or God doesn’t bless, it’s just that we’re not receptive enough to see or to put it into action. So now we are more aware all the time, more every day.

Peace Will Come, As We Wish


Q: Master, I love You very much and I know You are the manifestation of God on Earth to help people. I had been practicing meditation for 25 years and I love the light, so when I saw you on Supreme Master TV I knew that You’re the One.

M: Oh, really! That’s wonderful. You Persians, you are all so beautiful, like the ancient beauties, so beautiful and so pure.

I told the Chinese and the Aulacese yesterday that the spiritual practitioner of the Quan Yin Method will move mountains and level the oceans with their power, without doing anything. So just be patient; meditate and world peace will come. (Applause) There have been great changes in China, great changes in Formosa and great changes in Au Lac. I cannot tell about too many different countries; I just tell you about the countries that I know. Great changes! Great improvements in these countries that no one imagined would happen before, for instance, that Formosa and China shook hands with each other. Every day now, the Chinese can come visit Formosa. This never happened for so long, and it happens now. (Applause) Think positive and meditate; it will happen. It will happen. (Applause) The good things will happen because God really knows. God knows what we want. We just wait and see.

Q: I want to say that I owe You my life, and I thank You for everything.

M: You’re welcome, love. So, did something good happen to you?

Q: A lot of good things. I have been initiated since September, and my life has changed since I did the Convenient Method. Day by day, I see changes. It may not be apparent to other people, but inside I feel calm and I feel peace, and I owe it to You.

M: It’s alright; you owe it to yourself. You’re good.

Q: You have made me confident and clever, and I thank You very much, Master.

M: That’s wonderful; you’re welcome. Of course you thank me. But actually I feel you should thank yourself and I should be thanking you, because you make the world different through your practice. If I’m alone I cannot make much difference, but because of you the world changes. In fact, even though it feels like we have war everywhere, it’s not like that. We have less war now than a few years ago, more than 50% less. And it’s going to be less and less and less all the time, because the people are already waking up. They’re fed up with war. They’re fed up with violence. They realize now that only love, only peaceful means can really bring happiness to people, including themselves, including the leaders!

So, even though it seems like still a lot of war, we have less now. In just a few years, it will become less and less and less. And world peace is really possible. It is possible; it will come. (Applause) So everything changes. People change; the situation changes. Peace will come, as we wish; peace will also come.

The world has to change! It will change; it will come. People have to realize it one day. After so much suffering, people will realize that it’s useless to have war. Then peace must come within nations also, and things will open. Borders will open, countries and nations will open to each other and people will shake hands. Leaders will support and understand each other, and peace definitely will come - and very soon! (Applause) Yes, there is much good news. We just have to be peaceful and we just have to be good. Then, everything else will come. We just have to be positive about other people, about other nations, about the government and about anything. Just put out the positive, and things will become better. Things will change. Don’t worry, alright?

Master and Disciple Can Become One, without Attachment


Q: In my meditation yesterday I had an experience, and I think because it is related to everyone here, I’d like to ask Your permission to share it with You.

M: OK.

Q: I saw in my experience that You elevated me to a higher level of consciousness. And I am sure You have done this for everyone here, so I would like to thank You for that.

M: You’re welcome, very welcome. (Applause)

Q: You have taught us that to go to a higher level of consciousness, we need to let go of the desires that belong to this world. The question is, do we get to a point where we have to let go of our Master as well?

M: (Master laughs) If you want, of course you can let go of me, no problem, anytime! It’s just that before you can run, you hold my hand to walk first, and later you run alone. But you don’t have to let go if you don’t want to. We are friends; why let go? Let go of physical attachment only, but spiritually we become one together. Not “one” like everything here is one. Not one like that, but we’re connected so that I can help you to go up where I am going. And it comes at one time that you become a Master of yourself.

But when you let go, I don’t know. It depends on the people. I don’t know if some can let go. After twenty years they’re still crying when they see me! (Master jokes) I don’t understand these guys. So maybe you can teach them how to let go. I guess we become like very deep friends; we have a deep friendship. So we will not feel attached about the physical body or nearness, but we feel very close together.

P: Thank You, Master. I am glad because I was worried that You would say, “No, you should not depend on me anymore after a while.” I’m glad that I don’t have to let You go.

M: That’s different; it’s not attachment, it’s just a oneness of feeling. For example, some people are so attached to things like alcohol and money, they worry all the time about these things and they cannot even live their life. They become slaves of money, or alcohol. That is true attachment. And that even destroys them. But our friendship makes us both happy. It’s not like you cannot live without me, but you like to live “with” me, or to see me.

Attachment is when, for instance, some man cannot live without a woman. Every day he needs her. Or, a person who cannot live without money: Every day he wants more and more. That’s different. We can live without each other. You go back to your country, and I stay here or somewhere else. We are not together, but you’re happy. You think of me and you feel that we’re together. And you like to see me now and again. That’s OK, it’s not attachment. It’s just happiness and enjoying each other. That’s unconditional friendship. If we see each other, we’re happy. But if we don’t, we go home and we think of each other. It’s not binding so that’s not attachment at all. And the thing is, the more we think of each other, the more we’re happy, and the more elevated. So it’s a good thing.


We Are Muslims
in the True Spirit


(Talking about the Muslim outfit) It is the most comfortable clothing. And I think the Muslim people are very smart; their clothes are convenient everywhere. Sometimes it’s cold and I also put a scarf on my head and I wear that. Once a Muslim woman came up to me and asked, “Are you Muslim?” I said, “Yes. I am! I am, in the true spirit, yes.”