Media Reports

Pakistan’s The Daily Muhasib

(Originally in Urdu) February 15, 2006

The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Works for the Relief of Earthquake Victims

[Staff reporter] Members of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association recently distributed relief goods costing billions of rupees to victims of the Pakistani earthquake disasters under special instructions from the Master, Who has continuously provided help to disaster-stricken regions around the world for many years. She is an intelligent lady with noble spiritual teachings guiding a special group of people known for their devoted work in helping others by following their Master’s fine example.

Gulnaz Shah (Mansehra District Council member) said, “The Association’s members went to all the tent villages in the disaster zone with doctors and para-medical staff to treat women and children who had been affected by the earthquake. They traveled to villages high up in the mountains to distribute relief supplies, including four thermos water containers, kerosene stoves, camp-beds, rice and another necessities.”


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