Master's Wu Tzu Poems Touch People's Hearts

Mr. Wang Bao-xing, President of the Tainan Literary Writers' Society, performs an impromptu recitation of Master's poem "Spring Rhymes." A cultural gathering in Tainan at the Wu Tzu Poems seminar. Immediately after the seminar, Mr. Chen Tai-ran, Founder and President of the Tainan Formosan Language and Chinese Poetry Society (standing in the middle), signs up to learn the Convenient Method.

The Wu Tzu Poems seminar was an exclusive feast for the soul, during which guests and speakers alike expressed reverence for Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Many artists shared their views on Wu Tzu Poems and also revealed their love and fond feelings for the works through poetry recitations (in Chinese or Minnanese). Mr. Zhang Tian-yuan, President of the Chinese Calligraphy and Seal Carving Society, gave a detailed introduction to the origin of Wu Tzu Poems and compared Master to such ancient sages as Lao Tze and Chuang Tze. To him, Supreme Master Ching Hai has attained perfection in spiritual practice.

Also, Professor Chen Ji-shan of the National University of Tainan said, "Master is an enlightened Teacher who has attained the ultimate Truth. From Master's poems, I can feel Her mercy and intense love for all sentient beings. It's my greatest honour to be able to sing three Wu Tzu Poems - 'Maze', 'Advice for Cultivating Self-Realization' and 'Empathy' - at the seminar."

Another distinguished guest was Mr. Chen Tai-ran, founder and President of the Tainan Formosan Language and Chinese Poetry Society, who stated, "Master's Wu Tzu Poems transcend the secular realm and reach the saintly level. Especially in 'Loving You', Her great selfless love transcends the emotional parting with the poet's most beloved and touches the reader's innermost heart. After reading Wu Tzu Poems, I was guided by an invisible magnetic power. Driven by a powerful inspiration, I wrote the following poem." Mr. Chen then dedicated the poem to Master and recited it in the Minnanese dialect commonly spoken throughout Formosa:

Ching (pure) and unearthly is Her saintly presence,
Hai (the ocean) delivers sentient beings,
Wu-wo (selflessly) seeking liberation in this world,
Shang Shih (the Supreme Master) masters the Quan Yin Method.

Dr. Chen also recited Master's poems "Loving You" and "Mandalay - Burma" before sharing his insights on the literary style of the latter poem. Mr. Chen then added, "In my eyes, each of Master's poems is a pastoral painting. I hope that all the guests will sincerely accept Master's spiritual guidance and seek the original source of their lives." Immediately after the seminar, Mr. Chen learned the Convenient Method.

Mr. Wang Bao-xing, President of the Tainan Literary Writers' Society, also cherished his participation in the Wu Tzu Poems seminar and was especially touched to witness the fellow disciples' sincerity when speaking of Supreme Master Ching Hai. He performed an impromptu recitation of "Spring Rhymes", "A Lonesome Night" and "Empathy" from Wu Tzu Poems and also wrote the characters for "Empathy" in classical Chinese calligraphy. During his recitation, Mr. Wang was totally absorbed in Master's poems and forgot himself. His voice was so full of feeling that the audience was moved to tears. Finally, he asked, "Please close your eyes and listen to the recitation of the next poem with your hearts. I hope that everyone will thus be linked soul to soul, cherish their meeting and be conscious of Supreme Master Ching Hai's divine love."

The members of Tainan's cultural community who were present thought the seminar was a grand event for the literati, a literary feast and a spiritual congregation with Supreme Master Ching Hai. Expressing wonder that Master's poetry could be recited and sung in different styles, they extolled Wu Tzu Poems as one of the world's immortal verse collections, and hoped that everyone would be fortunate enough to own and cherish the work.

Wu Tzu Poems in Calligraphy

At noon on August 28 after the poetry seminar, fourteen prominent calligraphers from Tainan practiced their art on the Exhibition's stage. As a huge and highly impressed crowd looked on, the calligraphers wrote Master's Wu Tzu Poems with great concentration, using free and fluent yet forceful strokes. One after another, the works were completed and hung up, filling the venue with a rich poetic atmosphere. People felt their heartstrings tugged again and again as they read and appreciated the poems, and found joy in Master's ethereal vision!

Traditional Opera and Storytelling

On the evening of August 27, the initiates performed Wu Tzu Poems in the form of a traditional opera accompanied by Chinese music. Then on the evening of August 29, selections from Wu Tzu Poems appeared as stories told to the audience. At these performances, printed programs were distributed to the guests and a synchronized slide show was presented to help the audience enter the world of Master's verse. Using scripts based on the works, the storytelling was accompanied by music from an erhu (a traditional Chinese bowed instrument with two strings).

Through host and storyteller Mr. Lai Jun-rong, the various stages of Master's life were unveiled to the audience as selections from Wu Tzu Poems were recited to depict Her quest for the Truth, stages of Enlightenment, efforts in sharing the Quan Yin Method and way of leading the world into the Golden Age. The recital of nineteen pieces from Wu Tzu Poems interspersed throughout the storytelling enhanced the sensational performance, which deeply touched the audience members' hearts!

The performers said they were highly honoured to sing and recite Master's Wu Tzu Poems in the form of traditional Chinese opera. And at each rehearsal, they were moved to tears by Her noble spirit and aspiration to deliver the world from bondage.

Back to the Heavenly Home

Each day during the Exhibition, people with various forms of affinity asked to learn the Convenient Method. These sincere aspirants had even been blessed with celestial vision, and most enjoyed great bliss as they entered deep samadhi during CM meditation.

Feeling that Master had been guiding her all the way, a woman who had read Master's book ten years earlier finally embarked on the spiritual path during the Exhibition, and her joy was apparent. Also, as mentioned above, Mr. Chen Tai-ran, a participant in the Wu Tzu Poems seminar, was so touched by Master's poems that he too boarded the Convenient Method train to Heaven. In addition, three young people who saw the poster reading "Free Teaching of Meditation" near the venue immediately enrolled to learn the Convenient form of practice. And one of them who had practiced meditation before said, "I realized after learning the Convenient Method that it's truly important to be on the right path."

The Curtain Falls

On the last evening of the 2004 Tainan Book Exhibition, all the fellow initiates in attendance meditated together to pray for world peace, and took a group photograph to mark a perfect ending to the event. For them, the Exhibition was a feast of body, mind and spirit, during which they continually basked in God's ocean of love! The Tainan sisters and brothers thanked Master for having arranged this opportunity for them to share with the world the good news about the Golden Age. During the event, the initiates' deep devotion to spreading God's message helped many yearning souls establish contact with God and a number of long-departed initiates return to Master's embrace and rejoin group meditation sessions, much to the delight of all. While sharing and enjoying God's infinite love, the initiates also learned how to better love others and practice humility!

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