It doesn't matter if we're right or wrong in war; it always creates misery for both parties. We understand that even our enemies have souls, sentiments, intelligence, compassion and understanding. It's just that we don't sit together and talk. We don't make friends. We're not supposed to make friends with our enemies so we sometimes forget that they're also human like us. Therefore, it's easy to slay someone whom we do not think much of or whom we don't hold in high esteem.

~ Supreme Master Ching Hai

War has broken out again in the Middle East. The wartime casualties, desperation, hatred, homeless refugees and heart-wrenching scenes that appear constantly in the media strongly awaken our yearning for peace. At this moment, one cannot help wondering: "Why do human beings make war? What can we do to bring true peace to the world?" During the Kosovo War in 1999, people in troubled Europe asked the same questions to Supreme Master Ching Hai, Who compassionately offered answers in Her lectures. These words of wisdom have been included in the book God's Direct Contact - The Way to Reach Peace. The following are some wonderful excerpts from the book, in which a true Messenger of God expounds on the root cause of war and conveys to humanity God's message of Peace.


Wars Come from Warlike Negativity

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
May 26, 1999 (originally in English) Videotape No. 660

Q: Why is there war in the world? And what can we do to stop war?

M: War exists because we have created some kind of warlike energy on this planet. Every time we hate, every time we want to kill, every time we don't love one another like God loves us, we create a warlike energy. And when enough of this energy sticks together, it materializes into war.

Hatred, envy, and all these kinds of negative feelings have energy, just like love has energy. When someone loves you or when you're in love with one another, you feel very blissful and happy. Even though you can't touch this love and you can't explain it, you know it's there. You bathe in this love, and you feel exalted.

Similarly, when we hate one another, we feel very uncomfortable. We even feel sickened sometimes because of it. Hatred, jealousy, possessiveness and ignorance - all of these will make war at any time. That's why we have to take care of what we think, what we do, and what we want in our daily lives.

Enlightenment is the only solution to all kinds of trouble in this world. God's love is the only medicine for all kinds of disease on this planet.

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