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Reflections on Being One with the Universe

By brother initiate Frank Dong, San Francisco, U.S.A. (Originally in English and Chinese)

Before initiation, I had heard about "oneness with the Universe," but did not understand the term's true meaning. And after initiation, I repeatedly heard Master discuss the topic, but never did it have as great an impact on me as on July 28, 2002, when fellow initiates from San Francisco and other cities were blessed to see and hear Master in an Internet videoconference. During this short but cheerful communication, Master again elaborated on the concept of "oneness with the Universe," emphasizing the profound impact that practicing the Quan Yin Method has on our world and the entire cosmos. All of today's global advancements, She said, are directly associated with the blessings that spiritual practitioners bring to the world. Our diligent cultivation not only brings about a smooth and happy life for us, but also benefits all of humankind. And as the number of Quan Yin practitioners increases, the world will become increasingly uplifted, so that in the future, the Earth will be elevated to the level of other more advanced planets, and we will be able to communicate with them directly. Thus, Master again assured us that the Quan Yin Method is the world's peerless spiritual method!

After listening to Master's discourse, I was very happy that I had reached a deeper understanding of the idea of "oneness with the universe." It comes to mind that many phenomena in the world may be cited to illustrate the theory of "oneness with the universe." In fact, all things in the universe have their special characteristics and reason for being, and play different roles as arranged by God. For example, a car's engine, tires and steering wheel and all of its other components are indispensable parts of a whole, and they all play their own functional roles in making the vehicle run. So, no matter how efficient its engine is, the car cannot move if its tires are flat!

Also, if we look at our bodies, the so-called "temples of the soul," we can see that they each reflect a miniature universe. When we listen to lighthearted music, our hands naturally want to clap and our feet want to dance; when enjoying delicious food, we naturally feel satisfied; after watching a horror movie, we become excited, have nightmares or perhaps are unable to sleep. Some people are even inspired to commit crimes by crime movies! Thus, any physical dysfunction or impurity in our bodies, speech and thoughts will affect our whole being and bring us suffering. On the other hand, if everything is normal and pure, we will be happy.

This awareness has helped me to better understand the meaning of the term "oneness with the universe." I have also realized that everything Master has been telling us repeatedly is the Truth and is beneficial to us. Spiritual practice can benefit the whole universe because we are all integral parts of it! Nothing in the universe will vanish just because we are "blind" to it, nor will the eternal Truth be distorted or impaired by our "ignorance!" All we have to do is follow Master, practice diligently, keep our faith in God, and elevate our spiritual level, and sooner or later we will return to the eternal Homeland long yearned for by our souls, and resume a state of oneness with God!

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