"Pray that mankind may understand each other through more peaceful ways... with all love and great sorrow." This is the wholehearted longing of our loving and compassionate spiritual Master-Supreme Master Ching Hai, amidst Her deep grief over the disasters that struck the U. S. on September 11, 2001.
Upon receiving Master's message, fellow practitioners from areas near New York City immediately set up a disaster relief center, and go deep into the disaster site to help with the rescue work.

Love in Action





Rescue workers at the disaster site are enthralled by the Chinese food prepared by fellow practitioners, which they proclaim to be the most delicious food that they have tasted over the past few days.
Fellow practitioners set up a loving-support booth near "ground zero" of the disaster, providing meals and hot drinks to rescue workers laboring hard around the clock.



English, Spanish, French, Aulacese
English, Spanish, French, Aulacese

On that date, the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia were attacked by hijacked airplanes, and another plane was hijacked and destroyed in Pennsylvania. These catastrophes not only shocked the world, but also had a tremendous emotional impact on all of humankind. On learning news of these unfortunate events, Master immediately called all the centers in the vicinity of the affected areas, instructing fellow practitioners to quickly set up relief teams. Her gentle but concerned voice awakened all the fellow disciples on the east coast. She made emergency phone calls to each of these centers, touching and calming all panicky hearts, and linking the fellow practitioners together. As a result, the relief work was launched smoothly and efficiently.

Master also issued an e-mail expressing Her sorrow to all centers around the world, as well as a request of love to all fellow practitioners: "In addition to providing material assistance, all centers should gather for group prayer and meditation, so that mankind may understand each other through more peaceful ways."

Upon receiving Master's instructions, centers near the affected areas immediately launched relief efforts that included visiting and comforting victims in hospitals, offering blood donations, making financial contributions, providing for the material needs of rescue workers at the disaster sites, and offering mobile phones to facilitate communications. At the same time, fellow practitioners also launched worldwide relief activities, including collecting financial contributions, and conducting prayer-cum-meditation sessions, in hopes that their intense meditation could bring positive power and peace to the world, and promote mutual understanding among humans, so that no such violence would ever happen again. On the other hand, in response to the physical needs of victims, many centers began collecting contributions, and fellow practitioners throughout Formosa earnestly responded to this effort.

Being at the forefront of the disasters that have recently caused serious casualties and shocked the whole world, the New York and Virginia Centers have each set up a relief center on Master's instructions, with all the nearby centers, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Boston, Houston, Kentucky and others, coming to help.

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